*Happiness alert

You never know how much you are in love until you fall for one,
you never know how much you care until you lose someone,
you never know how much you are loved until you walk away from someone's life!
Dreaming a life of fun and happiness,
being in love is just a total waste,
happy and sad at a same time,
I don't really know if its a dream, or am plain awake!

That's a friends mirror. Love it to infinity. Snapshot of the beauty.

In a total raw happy mood, with some random thoughts of stuffs. Received a nice shampoo yesterday in the mail, it smells awesome, gotta review them and also few of my most favorite nail colors that I am planning to review for a long time. Shopping, ice creams, dosa, pasta, momo, sodas n salads.
 Life is busy.
I am fatly happy :P

Have a nice week ahead everyone. April is bidding goodbye, it was a nice month after all.
Welcome hot n humid may. Be nice to me please :)


  1. That mirror snap is awesome ... looks like those magic mirrors in fairy tales :-)

  2. WHO in ths world could EVER be other than "nice" to you? Cannot imagine such.

    LOVE: "I am fatly happy :P"

    About "love"...never "walk right in". RUN! Run right into the melee. As you know--the most wonderful gifts from God include our ability to express love. There is plenty time to learn--as they say, to really know "what love is all about". And I do not think I will really "KNOW" that until the next life--true!

    1. Yes, expressing love is one of the toughest thing people thinks, but to me its one of the easiest thing that can happen to anyone's life. I am always in love!

      Thanks for your lovely thoughts Steve, they make my day :)

  3. LOVE: "fatly happy :P "

    And about the first part, what lovely words re "love" you write.

    I say about love: Wherever it shows its happy face--don't walk, but RUN, RUN, right into the melee.
    There are enough years to discover and come closer to the real meaning. In fact, I love (nearly) everybody and everything. Yet I do not expect to really "KNOW" the true meaning until the next life (which is but a continuation of the present life...it just goes on and on.

    1. I couldn't delete any of these comments, your thoughts are precious :)

  4. Nice post thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend!



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