What if I didn’t write this poetry,
What if I didn't say hi to the person in the lift
Would that make us strangers at heart?

What if whatever I spoke was sad stuffs
Of a soiled soul,
Desperate to belong to someone's
Heart to cry out silently,
Would that make me a lover?

What if I stood at the hallway,
Trying to crawl up to my death bed
When I know I am yet to live my life,
Would that make me a loner?

Some thoughts, not related to what my life is going through. Just the opposite you may say. But I love these mixed emotions. So I thought I would write one today.

Going through busy days but loving each moments. I don't complain of being busy because I chose my life. Things aren't going my way at times. I don't understand what's with people. I don't know if they are frustrated with their life and so in the way they try to pull others down, but whatever the thing is they are missing the chance to live their life! I don't hate, I don't get jealous, I feel sad for I am really sensitive to things at times, but anyway I learnt how to tackle life, and even if there are 100 trying to break my feeling, I will be the one who would make a way out of it ;) Oh yes, I am just too much in love with life, that's not a crime, right? :D
Recently I bought a cool crackle nail polish that I had ordered, and I don't need to say that I am in love with it, I will surely update here with the photos :)

Some photos I clicked this week, there are loads of them, but a few I would like to share today, I miss my blog so much.

Life is what happens while you're busy making your excuses.
Simple plan!

That's my sky.

That's my sunset.

That's my dream home!

So, that's pretty much what I really wanted to share today. I should say one thing more, this post is inspired by someone's poetry blog. I met the person for the first time today.


He is inspiring.

Will write soon,
till then take care and keep blogging :)


  1. And,then,you're awesome in photography:D...And yeah,people have time to think about us:p..but we don't have:p..They may judge us but we're not that free:p...Enjoy the life and yeah,its not the crime:)

  2. The poem is awesome ... it speaks a lot :D

    Keep blogging and clicking !!!


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