A Short Film On Religion..a tribute to Indian Cinema! *My experience*

Acting and me? gosh. Never. I always had stage fright, and since childhood I used to get nervous whenever there was any concert on stage. While doing a chorus show playing synthesizer I asked my teacher to turn down the volume of my synthesizer, just to make sure no one heard my awful musical endeavor - those were the days – real hard days!

But, anyway, growing up to myself is a cool thing.

Recently, I was a part of a short film, which was a tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema.

I was pretty nervous as I was not sure if I would be up to the director’s expectation, and I never acted in my life, except in reality (LOL!)

Yet the whole thing turned out great. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning as I was super-excited and couldn't sleep no more! Got up, had breakfast, dressed up in a blue top and black jeans and went out at 4:45 along with my bro.

At around 6, our team reached Kumartuli ghat. The day was looking superb, and I was really excited and impatient.

Everyone was busy unloading their stuffs, cameras, tripods and other shooting gears.

While the director (Mr. Arin Paul) and the DOP (Mr. Sarasij Dasgupta) were busy discussing and arranging the sets, everyone else present over there was busy shooting photos of the beautiful Ganga, the boats, steamers and the daily vibrant life!  I too managed to capture some awesome moments!

The set was ready and we were given our respective roles to play and everything went smoothly as planned J

The film was released online (Youtube and Vimeo) this Friday (May 3, 2013), and it is getting huge response. It is a great tribute towards the Indian Cinema! Thanks to everyone whose untiring effort was behind its success, and especially to Arin da and Sarasij da, who made the whole thing look like a fun party!

link for Youtube.
link for Vimeo.

Enjoy J

 Some photos of that day..

Malay Ghosh as the Priest.

From right: Priya Dey, Anasuya Basu, Soumo Laha, Joydeep Ghosh and Sayan Mitra. 

Nilanjan Datta and Brojonath Banerjee.

Jaya Roy.

The Director(Arin Paul) and DOP(Sarasij Dasgupta) busy discussing the shots with Priya Dey (assistant director)

Tea break


It was also the Director's birthday (20th April), a fun day indeed!

All in all it was an awesome experience :)

Will be writing soon,
till then
take care n keep blogging :)


  1. It was nice te read!
    I hope you will tell us more about it soon! :D

  2. How things change ... from a star blogger to a star actor ... WOW :D

    I loved the film when I watched it on Youtube ... the legendary dialogues that were beautifully fitted in the script, and the background music, were really awesome ... and ya, good to see you in a movie as well ... I mean, it's unbelievable ... you, an actress???

    Hope to get your autograph soon :-)

    1. Gosh, you exaggerate a lot Green Speck since childhood :P but anyway I will take this as a compliment, thanks a lot :)


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