Click till you fall asleep.

A girl and a guy can never be friends. Who says? Society. Friends. ETC. So this is pretty much what life is all about. Hanging out with a guy? definitely a crush, or a boyfriend for sure o.O
ahem! People. Excuse me. And mind your own business and property -_-

So, anyway, life's been creatively busy, living each moments!

One of my latest addiction..street photography at night, the car lights and people make awesome composition, omg I want to live forever just to click. Life is so awesome.

Busy streets..I love you.

This one is at E-mall, and the thing is escalator and reflections on the glass.

Kolkata streets at night..

Kolkata at night..heavenly!

May is almost over, and life is pretty exciting nowadays. 

Click till you fall asleep, my motto. 

Take care people, will be writing soon. Keep blogging :)


  1. WOWOWOW! really nice pics you there... I'm envious! When can I buy my own DSLR camera, that I don't know... Keep blogging!

  2. You are growing my friend, as a person, as a creator of ideas, and as a photographer ... brilliant pics ... loved them :D and the first one, wow !!!

  3. Light and shadow in the night makes good photo composition!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog


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