Just a little rain..to ease my pain!

Once upon a time I fell in love,
unaware of his mental status.
Until I came to know whats on my mind,
To love him and to go blind,
Or to love what God left us behind?
I chose the first one instead.

One fine day,
I opened my eyes,
The world started to look better,
everything began to rhyme.

I confessed my heart out to him,
How much I fell in love
Even though I was unaware of its real meaning!

Being a composed soul, that he is.
Started wearing his official fitting.
Love? huh. such a waste of time he said.
I was left aghast, oh what a mistake I made.
Shattered and broken, torn apart,
My heart sang a sad song, I was left unanswered!

Then an angel came to visit,
Asked me to look up to the world's beauty,
A camera is all I need to fall in love again,
In love? yes. Me, my camera and a little rain!

A day well spent, a Photo walk at Indian Museum with my Photography team (ODOP), then an evening at Prinsep Ghat, and later the rains came visiting us, and me being the rain lover I couldn't stop from loving each moment. Clicked a lot of such bokeh shots, wish I got a little more time. Anyway, weekend has been nice to me, and May is a nice n good month for me.

Good job May, you are really good. Thanks. I hope June will be as nice as you are :)

Keep blogging people, will be writing soon.
Take care.


  1. The word 'love'is always left undefined in my thoughts and reflections*sigh*

  2. Two common things.
    I love rain too and my first email ID was Dark Angel. :) :)
    Following you.

    I am a new blogger and I would love if you could have a peek at my blog too and let me know, how I am doing.
    Lots of love


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