I didn't pen my thoughts for a while,
Maybe cos my thoughts didn't rhyme!
I didn't care to listen to the silent whispers at night,
for my thoughts were messing up my peaceful mind!
I meant to write my dreams on the sea shore,
for the sands would carry my heart into its deep soul.
But I lost my way,
I don't know where to go,
the road seems never ending,
even though I can hear the waves chorus song!

That's the city I live in.
Hello everyone,
been stuck with things for a while, and blogging took a back seat! I miss blogging, I know I say this all the time. A lot of things to review, received a cool fastrack wallet for my brother from for the last post on "Yeh jawaani hai deewani" s closet collection review! my brother loved it. :)

Time is passing like anything, hours feel like seconds nowadays, and everyday at night I feel like writing something, but end up writing on my cell and forget to update here!

Just sharing few clicks!

Wishing rainy day to everyone..signing off now,
will be back soon with few reviews :)
take care and keep blogging!


  1. yeah! sometimes things disturbing my thought to write in this blog.
    but glad you're back.

    I love the last picture from the car. Peaceful :)


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