and then I breathe a little!

Cos I feel like writing. Not much. Just this little. A little off the track for good! Life's never been awesomely awesome! Missing someone is just a choice! 
Poetry, you are back for good! 



  1. returning home--this time, to stay!

  2. Posted a comment--it didn't stay. Try again: Of billions of people, there has GOT to be at least one other...find that one, and stay!

    Life WILL become awesomely AWESOME! You must believe that...

  3. Beautiful, dear friend ! Without feeling all kinds of emotions, we do not feel complete. Thanks for writing this, I also deeply believe that feeling everything so intensely and sometimes feeling the opposite emotions at the same time { one moment happy,one moment melancholic} makes us live life to the fullest-that's why life is perhaps so awesome to us.
    take care,

  4. Such a beautiful thought ... loved it :-)


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