Dress a song! I choose Bryan Adams "here I am"

There are a few favorite songs of mine which remind me of someone special, and of days I would never forget. Now how come a song reminds me of someone? No, I don’t watch youtube videos of songs, I listen to songs closing my eyes, that way it feels better, because it goes up to my mind. A song reminds most of us of someone or something special! Just like Neil Harbisson, the man I would talk about tonight in this post.

Neil Harbisson was confused when at school he realised he didn’t have any favorite color, his anxious mother took him to the doctor and then they all realized this little boy couldn’t see any color that ever existed. He was suffering from achromatopsia, which means he couldn’t perceive color.

Just because you cannot see a color doesn’t mean you have to ignore it, seeing monochrome isn’t the solution and his only dream was to see color! Not seeing color is really a big issue - just wonder you cannot see your favorite lipstick color and all are just tones of grey, would you be satisfied with it? Sadly, no.

This boy took it differently and started to develop a way he could see color, any guesses?
Yep, he learnt to listen to each and every color a human eye can perceive, and even more.

Now how’s that possible?

Neil started a project with a man named Adam Montandon and they jointly created this electronic eye and he used to carry a back pack and webcam and an ear phone, transposing light frequency to sound. There is a musical note for each color he sees.

In 2004, he became the first person in the world to wear an eyeborg.

From wikipedia-
A cyborg, short for "cybernetic organism", is a being with both organic and cybernetic parts.

In 2004, Harbisson was not allowed to renew his UK passport because his passport photo was rejected. The passport office would not allow Harbisson to appear with electronic equipment on his head. Harbisson wrote back insisting that the eyeborg should be considered part of his body as he had become a cyborg. Letters from his doctor, friends and his college were sent to the passport office to give him support. After weeks of correspondence, Harbisson's antenna was included. Harbisson states that he became a cyborg when the union between his organism and cybernetics created a new sense: “It's not the union between the eyeborg and my head what converts me into a cyborg but the union between the software and my brain.”

So, as I was saying earlier, just the way we remember the face of a person through a simple sad song or a happy song, this way Neil has invented how to listen to colors, and his world as a human just got better. When we were at the initial stage of development in the earlier days, human being used to evolve everyday in their ideas and used to invent and discover things which would help them to live better, dream better. But as technology took over most of our works (the morning coffee is also made by automatic coffee makers), the human evolution sort of paused and we are not really trying hard enough to merge human and cybernetic world together with which our existence as human being can cross over any other organism in this planet Earth. It’s the age of technology, and we should take its help in order to evolve and shape the world for better!

Dress a good song! How would you like that? I would love to dress up a good song on a bright and sunny day. Neil’s idea is new, fresh and it has a valid point, and it can for sure bring about a change for people who are differently abled in perceiving things. He has also said this eyeborg is free, anyone can go to him and learn how to make it, and they can make it on their own, how cool is that? He made one of the coolest inventions of this century free to use, experiment and develop further!

Dress according to cords!

A human being ages, and with age he deteriorates, but a cyborg becomes better with age. If this is the century of what we call a century where Technology is ruling 98% of our life, we can try and take help of the same so that human evolution starts again and this time as cyborgs.

A person may born with lots of defects, after all no one is perfect in this world, and everyone strives to look their best, when models go for diets the only thing that they have in mind is they should look good in the eyes of the public, the Victoria's secret models goes on diet just to look sleek and 'perfect'. Everyone has their own set of definition of perfection, beauty, etc. What we see outside is the external beauty, and people do whatever they have to do to look their best, so cosmetic surgery is the only option that makes a person what they are not. So, changing ourselves for the sake of public is highly a contradictory issue but people can actually do anything they can think of, after all it's one life and one should make the most out of it.

Life is just once, so living a life with repent and shutting the world around us and staying back doing nothing is just a coward’s choice! We all are born genius, and we all have a specific set of talent, it's just that we spend so less time thinking and more time talking. We all should live to the fullest and we all have a right to live according to our choice. Neil Harbisson has set his example through this TED speech where his little invention could change drastically the world of those who are deprived of the colorful touch. Technology is so much a part of our daily life, we are constantly updated by our cell phones about the latest news, or reminded about our friends or distant cousin’s birthday, we take them for granted, as if its technology’s duty to keep us updated. If that’s the case then we surely can make use of what we are getting, our mind can think a lot and in thousand different ways, coming up with new and interesting ideas is not a big deal anymore. Everyone is busy thinking about new and interesting ideas, but very few do the talking, just like Neil Harbisson, whose dedication has paid off.

Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

I believe this invention of Neil Harbisson brings about a wide change for those who are unable to see the world’s beauty. So come forward and listen to him speak about the magic he created in the video above.

What you think you become; so think wisely, create new and interesting ideas, try to think over and over, and create a world of difference by implementing the ideas practically.


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