How to be fashionable while working out! Contest

Well first of all am so excited and happy at the same time cos am writing for this amazing contest for, and this time its about Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and oh well my favorite Farhan Akhtar :D am so happy happy!

In today’s century we all are worried about looking good all the time, we dont like neither do we want to be left alone in this crazy race with time.

Everyday is a new day and we are evolving every second, so looking our best, and giving a best first impression is very much needed. There are loads of self grooming classes, personality development teachings going on around everywhere. In fact there are classes where one is taught how to love! Oh well, we live in the century where we can buy ready to eat foods in packets where in earlier days people used to walk miles to get raw vegetables! Bless our time!

Since childhood I was not at all a conscious child who would worry about her looks and dresses all the time, I never used to nag about dresses at all, I was a simple kid, but I loved dressing up and playing dress up at home was one of my favorite thing!

But as I grew up, I saw everywhere skinny size zero girls dressed up like beautiful fairies, and I used to think oh, am never gonna dress up like that! Yes, firstly because am not a size zero, never was, and secondly I don’t like blingy and too much fashionable stuffs.

I started doing my eyes (kajal) while I was in college, and dressing up publicly in a bit colorful dresses came after that, so yeah I was pretty dumb in my first year and also second year!

But as my teenage life was getting over I started to realise dressing up is not about what you wear, but it’s about how you wear, it’s about comfort. Style defines your personality! So mind you, dress your body with love and respect! 

Wear a second skin where you wont feel breathlessness! has come up with some cool and amazing outfits for gym which would surely make you one stunning gym model! World is growing fashionable day by day, and no one would like to look their worst when being the best is just one click away! Shopping online has changed the whole perspective of shopping real time, infact earlier I used to think a lot while shopping online, but thankfully Jabong helped me to get rid of that crazy feeling!

Some would think fashion is such a cliched thing, but it's not always about fashion, dressing up at gym is an important thing because it helps to stay motivated and you feel energetic due the the fabric you wear, better the material, better the work out! Tees and pants tend to get spoiled after 2 or 3 days due to sweat and all, so wearing branded and only branded stuffs for gym is a must have thing for everyone because feeling the best while we are working out is definitely an important thing and will really help in the long run to achieve our goals, cos satisfaction matters at the end of everything, if not satisfied, nothing will matter at all, not even long days of hardwork!

Jabong's wardrobe consists of bright colored tees and pants, and accessories. The favorite part from these are their huge collection of pink running shoes, I am going gaga with the pinks! and wow guys..they have loads of collection and they look so comfortable! 

So much said..lets get a sneak peak at their collection and let the pictures do the talking..

and guys too have some amazing deals..oh boy, I bet guys are gonna have tough time like gals this time, cos choosing is just getting tough day by day, thanks to!

You can go see for yourself in here for more such amazing stuffs..I bet you will love it as much as I did!

This post is written for blog contest by <a href="">online shopping website,</a> on the occasion of launching the exclusive Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Sports Collection.

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