I Saw, I Learnt.

“Oh my god, I need to go for shopping right now, I don’t wanna wear the same top for tomorrow’s class” that’s what I feel a lot of time, not just me, I know many people who swear by shopping and are buying things for them on a regular basis. I am not complaining. Shopping is indeed a fun thing!

Just a few days back, I was thinking about buying a phone with a lot of features than the phone that I already have, but do I really need those extra features ? Oh, I just want to buy cause I want to, no real reason behind it!

I am bored with my class, and I find it pretty boring to attend it at times, reason? It’s not interesting enough (yes, that’s why I said boring at the first place right?), it would be better if I sit back at home and watch a movie or chat in Facebook, reason? Well, just like that!

We all have a lot of things to complain with our daily life and activities, all we do is complain, you know why? Cause we have everything! Yes, it sounds cliched right? Some would say, oh no I don’t have that latest party wear from Vero Moda, its up for sale, gosh, I need it asap, or some would say my phone is so last century, I need galaxy S4, my friends have it, so should I! But do we ever think, or do we really ever pause for a second and think – wait, why do I need that one when I already have one in such a good condition? No, we never ask those questions to ourselves, and trust me I am one of them.

We skip going to college and go for movies instead, we go for lunch at KFC or Mc.D and splurge on costly meals. Money doesn’t seem to be a restraining factor to this generation of youths because we are constantly provided with it 24*7 by our parents who probably are working beyond their capacity to sustain our ever increasing thirst for materialistic pleasures.

But what about “them”? Now you would surely ask me, who’s “them”? hmmm!
It’s those people who are almost the invisible and yet profoundly visible population of the world, the under privileged ones! They are the streets people - the pavement is their bedroom, dining room, drawing room from where cars, buses, people, dogs, cats, rats and all other things pass day and night. At night they curl up like a snail in the corner of the pavement just to rest for a while! The twinkling stars at night remind them of thousand fireflies waiting eagerly for their souls – such unprotected and vulnerable they are !

According to studies and various reports, India is a place where people are dying every minute due to shortage of proper drinking water, food, and many other basic amenities, which we get by default and misuse them.  The water that we throw at each other just out of fun may have saved a poor little child from dehydration. The food from last night might have saved a mother from killing her 3 childrens due to shortage of food. Skipping tuition classes but paying monthly fees? That money could have helped a child to attend a school for a year at least. Yes, we never really feel how much we are lucky to have everything without even asking for it, how much we are surrounded by people who love us and protect us from everything, how lucky we are to sleep at night in a bedroom with nice night lights flashing different colors every second! How lucky we are to breathe the conditioned air!
Last week I along with my photography group (ODOP) visited Terreti Market which is near lal bazar Police Station. We went there for a photography session, it was around 6 am in the morning, the road was vacant, but people were busy though! We stopped by the bazar and clicked a lot of photos until things started to poke me through the eyes, I realised its just 6:30 am and a lot of kids has already woke up, why? And then I realised they had to, cause they are the pavement dwellers. I was curious, really, I never think about waking up at 6, gosh I would die if mom wakes me up at 6, am a late riser.
So, anyway, we were busy clicking and after sometime we visited a nearby Chinese Church, and guess what I was awestruck. The street leading to the church was in a filthy condition, the smell made me feel nauseaus, but I saw few kids running here and there until this one came right infront of me running and she was so happy seeing me clicking photos and she along with the other kids were ready to pose for us. I was taken aback for a while, the only question that striked my mind “oh, well, what am I doing here? I should not click these people, they are sleeping! Why are they sleeping here? Why are these kids laughing like they are in a fairyland when the smell of the dustbin is making me sick?” these quick questions was revolving round my mind, and I was really moved. Was I complaining last night about my journalism notes? Was I complaining about the top I bought last week but I got kinda bored with it? Was I complaining about the yellow nail polish that I bought yesterday which costed me 175 rupee but I was just not satisfied with the color? Was I really?

I felt ashamed for reasons unknown to me. I felt really ashamed and I don’t know why I felt like that. Everyone from my group started clicking candid photos of the kids but I was not feeling good at all and so I decided to visit the church instead. But before entering the church I clicked few photos that changed my whole perception about life.

Yes, look at the girl in pink dress, she is holding a pen and few papers, probably she's getting ready for free school, or who knows she loves to study on her own! What's her dream? bother to ask? oh no, we are too much into our own life! But what we lack is that smile which is there in her face, I didn't even ask her to smile like that, I was randomly clicking, and I clicked the best photo till date. 

Yes, I literally stalked this little girl in pink, she was cute, she was full of life, she was busy disturbing the people who were sleeping, maybe that's her dad? or uncle she's pointing at? who knows, everyone is family here! :)

We are always concerned about how we will look in a photo, and after we are done clicking ourselves, all we do is run and see the photos, but what's wrong with these kids? they posed for us like its their duty to pose, they are not celebrities, but they looked so comfortable and at ease! A teaching for all.

That's their home, and this little fella is ready to protect everyone. At 6 am, we hardly wake up from our dreams. And he's ready to fight for life. Strong kid I must say.

This is the bed room, comfortable? I guess not, they don't even have a shade, not a big deal right? how would you feel like if you are to sleep for one day in a road? that's the question that haunts me every night I go to sleep. How lucky I am.

Oh, this is what they call luxury maybe.

And people are busy clicking the life around streets.

That's too many kids in a bed don't you think?! And we complain of stinky bed covers, or loadsheddings and a lot of things we can't even name!

 We are blessed.

  • We are blessed to be able to drink good water,
  • We are blessed cause we have our own bed rooms,
  • We are blessed to eat thrice or four times a day,
  • We are blessed that we can watch t.v or play in the computer while we are bored, or even surf the internet in our phone,
  • We are blessed that we can go out for shopping once a week and buy lots of stuffs even though we don’t want them,
  • We are blessed cause we have walls and ceilling around us at night,
  • We are blessed cause we wont have to shift our home when its raining,
  • We are blessed cause we got more than what we ever wanted.
  • We are blessed for many more things which we hardly realize and end up complaining that it could have been better,
  • Moreover we are blessed cause we are alive, and happy and we can do whatever we want, however way we want!
  • Education? Basic needs? Entertainment? Clothes? Foods? No big deal.

But these are just another dream these poor souls dream every night. Or maybe they don’t dream at all, cause they are happy just the way they are, and we are trying to be happy with whatever little little is left after we are done complaining!

I saw these kids, men and women, I realized what life is all about, life is not about complaining, life is not about buying things to make ourselves happy, life is not about pulling others down, life is not about quarreling, life is just about living and loving it like its a gift :)

This is a story that changed my perception about life, a thing I saw, and I learnt, and I will never forget in my life, thanks to Blogadda and Doright.in for coming up with such a topic to write for, I feel glad enough to be able to share my thoughts. 

Real life. Real story. 

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  1. There is NOTHING I could add here--and I LOVE to write Looong comments.

    I WILL say this. One month ago June 22, 2013
    I bought a Samsung S-4 (white) and I have LOVED it until this moment, reading your post. NOW I feel SO GUILTY! Thanks a load! HAHAHA! :-)

  2. We always complain over the small things in life, ignoring the luxuries that we have now taken for granted. A beautiful post Dark Angel, truly an eye opener.

  3. This is so lovely my sister :) this post really touches my heart and open my eyes more wide.
    I should remind me my self that I am blessed everyday. :)

    You have such a beautiful heart. I hope someday to meet the cute children like them and anyway your pictures are so stunning. You did such a great job.


  4. Makes me realize how small my problems are. Needed a reality check. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thank you for writing and sharing this. I am deeply moved by your thoughts and can feel every word you said here. This is a lesson that I too learned in my life while I was growing up...when I saw poor people suffering everyday and also seeing them smiling in the midst of poverty...
    these little kids...we focus on what we don't have and what more we need but they focus on what they have right now, even if it is a stick or a pebble, they will be happy playing with that and our kids will throw tantrum unless they do not get the latest model of barbie doll..
    The points that you made on "we are blessed because" are indeed true. Hope every human being will go for some soul searching and reality check after reading this.
    Thank you once again for writing this,

  6. thank you for this, angel...your sensitivity to the plight of your fellow citizens restores my faith after seeing such as this in my country:
    L.A. Restaurant Has New 45-Page Water Menu, and We Are Doomed


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