Odd life

Noisy and colorless life.

In the mood to wake up from illusion, I am here to blog after a long time.

few days back, there was an advertisement,
and a notice that read "lift out of order"
my lazy eyes read "life, out of order"
well I won't complain much today.

I am lazy these days
instead of being busy.
Spending time watching thrillers,
actions, and spending less time doing things I should be doing!
Age is eating me up,
one cell at a time.

Technically I am busy doing nothing.
and I ain't complaining!

Photography keeps me sane,
otherwise am insanely abnormal.

I tend to forgive a lot,
but it takes much time to forget!

I am in no mood to be sad,
neither I am happy,

I am busy living up to the expectations of mine,
I am having fun being me.
Content I would say.

Not happy, no way.

This isn't a poem if you are wondering,
this is my life,
my way of living!

Photo by: Arin Paul. (A dinner party)
(I love how am smiling without a reason here, well I never need a reason to smile, I just do that all the time)
I will be back.
With a lot better stuff.

Signing off with a heart full of guilt (I miss my blog and am suffering from bloggers block)
Be back soon,
keep blogging :)


  1. may you keep smiling always :-)

  2. This was the phase of my life from my late teens until my mid twenties. It is not permanent though, so chin up girl. :)

  3. Firstly, I loved those black and white portraits inside the train. They are in fact, amazing. Like a still from Ray's movie. I am inspired to capture some B&W portraits or street photography after seeing this.
    Glad to see your face after a long time, love your smile ! don't know its a coincidence or not but I have cut my hair short exactly like you, very recently.
    I have received your mail. Will reply soon. take care,


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