Growing up

That's so random -_-

And my heart started to burn like a match stick. 
I was scared, broken, weak.

 My heart was singing a sad song probably of a broken heart!

I was determined, I won't be sad no more. 
Life looked at me, smiling, yet I was silly enough n started crying.

 A silly soul I was, as always, sitting behind the corridor crying like nothing will ever be the same again.

 I asked my ma, why is it always the hero has to die in a story? 
Why can't they live a life filled with happiness, fun n glory? 

Was the princess's love not true? Or was it less? 
 Ma smiled n went away.

 I ran after her, and asked her twice again, tell me ma, I wanna know today.

 Ma patted my back n smiled n whispered " grow up my child, n conquer the world with love"


Oh, I figured how to blog from my tab, yaay!!!
Was studying and suddenly I don't know how I reached here, and when I found out I can actually write a post so awesomely I wasted no time n wrote something after a long time. 

September was awesome to me. Spent most of the time hanging around with my camera, shopping, celebrating birthdays and what not? Growing up is so much fun! 

Exam is so so so near and am having weird dreams about going for exam without even studying, lol. 

Okay let me share few photos from my tab image gallery. 

At a friends place. The crow was sitting t there for atleast 2 or 3 minutes. I managed to get a photo.
A tea break. I love cha (tea) nowadays. And tea in these earthen cups taste heavenly.

What to do when you are at Vodafone store customer care and you are waiting for a long time? Click! :P
Still having busy weeks like always and actually enjoying it. 
Happiness is my addiction, and people question a lot why I am so happy? My answer always is I don't need a reason to be happy, I am always like this ;) :P oh, but that doesn't mean I am mad! Hahahaa.

Back to studies now,
Will be writing again, and happy to know that tab supports blogging so well. Happy with the performance. 

Take care.

Good night. 


  1. Dark Angel, I would like to respond to each line you write, but it would be a book...about ME! How rude, HA!
    #1 I had a rotten childhood--with only glimpses of being "happy"...
    #2 Then Drunk (alcoholic)from age 18-40
    #3 NOW, at age 80 (sober 39 years!) I am having the great time of my life. When people ask (YOU know how they do) "HOW ARE YOU?" I'd just answer "GREAT" and that was/is the TRUTH for nearly 40 years.

    Anyway, I am really smiling to meet one so young who writes so good, is an excellent photographer, and is H A P P Y !!!!! (I LOVE it!)
    Also, I so busy during this so-called "retirement", playing my violin, sponsoring newly sober drunks in AA, mowing grass, tending yard, etc.,etc.

    See? We have in common some things--I imagine a lot more than these few.

    Several, well, a dozen people I have cyber contact with from India, and enjoy your country, and the people, mostly on Face Book.

    Now--your poem, above: I reeeely like it, but the line I will take with me as I go to sleep tonight is this "..... Ma patted my back n smiled n whispered " grow up my child, n conquer the world with love"... b/c that is REALLY what life is all about whether God the Creator, a tree, a flower, a cow, a human.the galaxies/Universe--ALL IS OF LOVE in the final analysis (my opinion). Sorry to be so full of words to say so little, but remember I am OLD! HAHA!
    PEACE and LIGHT to you, whatever is your name, Ma'am!

    1. You really made my day with this awesome feedback to my post. I loved each word you said n felt bad when I finished reading. Life is full of experiences, without sadness we won't realize what happiness is. So for every bad thing, there is a good thing waiting. Even if you had a bad childhood (am sorry for that, I can't think of you having a bad experience ever in your life, you are such a wonderful soul) you still have kept on moving forward. A great human being who is so full of life n amazing thoughts. See now I wont stop writing I think, hahaha. Stay awesome :-)

      Thanks a lot for praising my poetry, I wrote this after a long 2 month gap if not more. Am glad you liked it :-)


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