Samsung GALAXY Note 3 presents "Dreams", a digital short film..blooper or intentional?

To be frank I don't watch television much, but nowadays when am bored I switch on my television, and the best part of watching TV is the advertisements, most people would change channels during intervals, but I don't change them because advertisement is really the best part of it cos you get to know a lot about the latest products in the market. And thanks to my curiosity level, I have also done a marketing research on this and I did a project on Advertisement for a friend during her final year of graduation. haha!
The world of advertisement is changing at a fast pace. A recent advertisement that is worth mentioning is the new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 advertisement where the girl uses her Samsung galaxy note and the accessories to help her grandpa with his store. I loved the advertisement and moreover the song is really mind blowing. Sweet dreams by Eurythmics.

But there is something else about this beautiful one minute advertisement that's going on around these days...

I don't know what this would sound like but is this an intentional thing Samsung did?

The girl in the advertisement looks a lot like the Singer and Songwriter Annie Lennox of the band Eurythmics, and also not just that, this girl's wardrobe is too much inspired by Annie Lennox, even her short hair, red lips, white skin resembles this lady way too much!

Advertisement blooper? or intentional? I wonder.

Annie Lennox.
Source: Internet

The girl in the advertisement.
Source: Internet

Questions in my mind. I shall ask again here in this space some other day. For now I shall put my fingers to rest and my eyes will start making the game plan!

Time for T.V!


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