I'm loving it.

The blissful sunshine on my cup of life,
I am not happy, 
I am not sad,
I am just a mixture of happiness mixed with fun mad,
Oh, I must add a little extra something,
I am just a mix of almost all crazy thing.

I am over the moon,
probably on cloud number 19,
I am enjoying the cup of life,
I am enjoying my twenties.

I am so busy,
I forget I have so called friends,
I am so alive,
I forget I can sleep as well.

I am awake almost all the boring night,
probably thinking of next awesome sunshine,
I am breathing love out of every little shine.

Oh, I am too happy,
and I know I don't need anyone's permission to be.


Hello all,
 I was missing my blog so much that I decided to write tonight. Photography has been my latest addiction and am super busy with my love besides studies and other activities. Wandering through the streets and catching a glimpse of  smile from some stranger you have never seen in your entire life is the happiest part of Photography I tell you. Writing poetry is still going on like always, but now I do that more in my tab and they don't see the light of blog which is sad.

There are so many things I have to say, but it's better if I don't. Because talking is just so boring, doing is the interesting part I realized.
I am growing up, not fast as I thought, I am growing wise, and fat too :P
I didn't have haircut in the last two month which is good because the lady sort of ruined my last haircut.
I bought a super cute nail color from Maybelline Color Show Shocking Seas.
My brother is my inspiration.
I am super happy all the time without a reason.
I bought a super duper truper(this word is made up-sorry) cute wallet and everyone is so much after it!
I am in love with camera's.
I am in love with short haircuts.
I am in love with orange and blue.
Okay, I will go on writing if I don't stop here.
I will continue this later promise.

I would like to share few clicks which has made me so busy these days..

Camera: Nikon D3100,
Lens: Nikkor: 18-55 kit lens,
Mode used: Program and Manual only (no flash)

This was a sudden shot as most of them are, but I like the color contrast here, so is his looks.

This was sad how this old man was preparing fast foods at a food stall.

And yet another sudden shot, the old lady was resting, while everyone was "busy"

the lazy afternoons.

the sweet shop owner. I bet customers never bargain with this nice guy, he was sweet to me and allowed me to click him. Thank you for being sweet, I respect your people buddy :)

The fortune teller was a camera shy person I guess!

and my favorite place to hangout, Baghbazar ghat's sandhya arati.

and it was time to return back, and that too in a tram.

all's well that ends well, but only happens when you plan it well. ;)

So, being super busy has a reason I guess,

I will be back writing more often,

I need to see more and more of the City I belong to,

this is just the start!

Will be back soon.

Keep blogging :)


  1. all your pictures put smile on my face! Thanks for sharing been missing your post though.

    1. thank you so much love, been busy a bit :)

  2. I love the pictures you click, and when you add words to them, can anything be better?

    1. nope, nothing can be better than your feedback, thank you :D


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