2013 will be loved and missed.

Here's my little something about the year which is about to end within few minutes.

The year started off just like any year, normal, usual ones, not so bright, not dull either. Had a bad allergy in January.

Thought about saving money, but ended up saving not a single penny. :P

Didn't have high expectations for anything. I just lived through it. 

I ended up doing a short film with none other than Arin Paul, a good friend and a nice guy. I never thought I would be a part of something like this, but guess what? I did.

I suddenly fell in love with photography and it's my true love. Nothing can beat that ever. Well at least for now ;)

Made amazing friends, learnt a lot from them, ditched a lot of negative friends and made my life better.

Tried to get rid of emotional dis-balance syndrome. (okay, I donno if that actually exists, but I tried to control my emotional outbreaks, uh oh this doesn't exist either :P)

Had haircuts, and they were pretty bad. Yes I had bad haircuts this year I realized just now cos I have bad hair day today. :P

I was too happy this year, well almost for random reasons, and I am starting to become worlds first mad person who knows she's mad. :P

I thought I was going to date Ashton Kutcher this year, but it didn't happen sadly. No worries I still have Leonardo Dicaprio in my list, and he's my forever love/crush etc etc.

I ate lots of chocolates and coffee.

I still believe in miracles and magic.

I still remember about last year's post I did and I was so much in hurry to finish before the next year comes. Haha!

And still while am writing this my phone is buzzing with new year greetings, hah! I am already in love with 2014 :D

2013 was nice to me, it taught me a lot of stuffs I was not ready for, I had very less expectation, I didn't think twice before doing anything, I was free, I was daring, I became a better me, and I realized one thing, that is I changed a lot, maybe there was a good reason behind it, or a bad one? who knows. I changed for better, I regretted less. Life gave me a new meaning, 2013 gave me a new reason to live, I would love to breathe this awesome gifted life for years to come and I will not regret for the wrongdoings this year because I love to break rules, and so much said I will end this happy post with 2 happy click.

Found this one at Bow Barrack and he's too cute to be true ^_^

This is my neighbor wishing happy new year :P

Okay, I am done writing this post. 

I love you 2013, you will be remembered forever cos you made me the person I am now. So, don't you worry, you will be forever in my heart cos you taught me the meaning of love. 
Take care buddy, will miss you forever. 
Stay safe. :)

To all the awesome people out here,
have an amazing year starting tomorrow. 
Stay happy, stay blessed and don't forget to fall in love.


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