Hello people, 

First off, I am finally relieved from the exam tension and received my result last week, secured 1st division marks in subjects I thought I would not do well. Geez. I am so proud for myself :P

Anyways, I have been super duper busy with my love that is photography, trying to capture the moments around me. 

I have a lover at my neighborhood, the little dog gets so excited that he actually scares the hell out of me, he dances all around me, jumps and jumps until I freak out, and then jumps again, he actually gets super happy when I return home or go out. OH GOD! I AM CONFUSED ABOUT THIS DOG.

Last week visited a handicraft fair at Kolkata, and I can't explain how talented these rural people are, I mean atleast I can't draw so well like them and each of the things they are doing is too perfect. I adore those people.

I'm there. Find me.

and it's winter again!

So, that's all I have to share today, will be writing soon.
Take care :)


  1. Oh! Amazing shots!!! I haven't been able to attend the fair till now....but absolutely plan to go on Sunday...that's the last day, after all! Your clicks make me wanna run there with my camera! :)

    Also, check out more of my Gujarat shots here:
    I think you'll like them!

    1. Thank you :) yeah, the place was indeed beautiful. I shall be waiting for your version of the fair as well.

      Yes I will surely check.

  2. Loved the header ... looks so neat and refreshing ... love it :-)

  3. Advanced Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings and also Thanks and Smiles:) for ur support till now Dear Blogger Buddy God<3U:)

    1. Thank you so much, Have a blessed Christmas n year ahead :)

  4. Congratulations on your is FUN to be humble enough, and so be surprised at good marks we achieve, above expectations. And in the photo at the top, you are distinguishable and noticed as the reflection, while you are shooting the subject(s). Yup, your shooting is good--pictures.

    "Dogs do not like bad people, unless they're bad dogs"
    --Steve E

    Ha! I made my own "saying/quote".

    Do we know each other on fb? I notice Amrit commented above, and he is a fb "friend" of mine.
    Even so, it would be nice to have a "first name" so people (me, too) know who we reading and commenting. Whatever!
    PEACE and LIGHT, Dark Angel.

    1. Yes I didn't expect much so I am a bit extra happy. Thank you so much :)
      Dogs or cats, they have this love for me all the time. Haha!
      Yes we are friends there as well. And I guess you know me very well. haha, now you have to find me there, guess who am I? :D


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