Sweet December

Hello all,

Having a fun December. Going out with camera, shopping cute stuffs, eating roadside foods and what not? I have been on the verge of trying the things I always ignored. And guess what? I am really enjoying every bit of it. Okay, I do face hard times trust me.
Sometimes I do feel low like most people, there are few well wishers who always never forgets to ask me "why are you always so happy? are you crazy? n blah n blah" umm, guess what? I do become sad at times, but within few seconds I laugh like crazy as if nothing ever happened. Life is too short to be sad ;)

Growing up but still a kid, I think that defines a lot about me. I thought about writing few stuffs that were bothering me for a long time but while writing this post I sorta forgot about that and right now am all happy! :)
So sharing few happy stuffs I have been doing this week.
I will do a nail art soon, but before that let me share this.

The recent cuties.

A lame Photoshop conspiracy :P
When am lazy n bored I do this.

This is one of my favorite thing. In an Auction Shop at Park Street.
at the Auction Shop at Park Street.

At the zoo.

Near Victoria Memorial.

Just a glance at what I was upto this week. Coming week shall be good too I hope. 
Happy December once again.
Take care
Keep blogging :)


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