2014, another new chapter!

Hello all,

The year has already begun and it's the 14th day of 2014. 
I am yet to figure out this year, struggling like always. Spent good few days of the last year clicking around the city, and surfing the internet for horror movies, life couldn't be better.
Went to South Park Street Cemetery 31st of December.
Went to Bhowanipur Cemetery on 26th.

Visited Kumortuli the 1st of January and South Park Street Cemetery once again!
And in between there has been street photography and portrait, and one day I had a dream about owning a Portrait shop :P now I donno what's that!

Tried to write something, but couldn't.
Didn't make any resolutions because they are boring.

Will be changing my blog layout, 
thinking about some design..
I am not allowing any comments in my posts since the last post here,

Let the chi flow!
Let's enjoy the silence.

Signing off..
take care.

Dark Angel.

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