And again, I dare.

Life is just a phrase you are going through,
You will get over it and start again!

Start living each day you were meant to,
You will love the sunshine again.

Forgive and forget, and move on instead,
Cos life is too small to be wasted!

The moon wants you to smile back,
Just like the morning sun wishes you all the strength,
The glistening stars wish you all the luck,
For the days will be better only if you want again!

Smile and the world will fall together again
Into the puzzle pieces you were too busy to complete,
A Cinderella story is waiting to happen,
Open the window of your dream,
And start living again!

And again, I changed my blog header with today's photos that I clicked after a long long time, couldn't wake up as I planned but anyways, I shall go out again asap!
Yeah, that's it.

Keep blogging,
Dark Angel.

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