Because today is the day to start.

I have been thinking a lot lately. Mostly random stuffs, and sometimes they take weird form. I sort of imagined a painting that I asked my brother to start with. I thought about writing a fictional story. And lastly I that I can do something instead of nothing.

It will be two year here this February, and I am becoming nostalgic at this moment. I have been through moments, good as well as the bad ones, but when I came here to write, I always forgot about the bad things and started thinking about the good stuffs. Yes my poetry might say otherwise, but I am talking excluding them, those are my thoughts, my emotions, they should be free from any foreign influence. I let them run free.

I always had this nice feeling when I wrote each of my posts here, no grudges, no pain, no hatred, but love.
Someone once asked why do my posts and everything try to show that I have "a beautiful or some type nice and beautiful life." "I was like what? this is my personal blog and not an advertisers forum that I would advertise on how to have a happy life, jeez :P I write whatever I want to. But I am a bit secretive as well, things which I think can't be shared are best kept secret :)

I have had a nice journey here, and hopefully I shall stick to it like I planned. I am loving this life of being a human( am I really?) already and I just saw the first 20, plus or minus 5 please ;) :D

Is it just me? or I am just feeling too happy today? :P

I didn't go out for clicking this weekend which is really a sad thing. Plan to go out next to next week.

Few old clicks.
Being cute is nature's right. ^_^ @Kolkata zoo.

A candid of one of the sweetest and strongest guy I have ever met! :D

"Hey there, is that Nikon? Oh I love it. Click few more please!" :D

Okay, that's all for now, I have to surf the internet for some articles I am reading. Currently obsessed with Henri Cartier Bresson.

Have a great week.

Dark Angel.

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