In search

Sometimes I feel like I am not exactly expressing myself the way I want to in reality, it is like stuck within a universe full of mockery and twisted lies, but to let the truth flow in I should do just what I dream to. Being a confused soul has always been my cup of tea, but sadly I love coffee more and that is where my confusion increases leaving no room to hide or laugh on my own mistakes. I rather try hard to perceive things from someone else’s point of view, but when I start facing the ugly reality, a mirror in front of me makes a screeching noise, the noise of the broken nails of a primary school teacher who makes it quite hard for the students to understand if it is “A” or “N” written on the sad black board! I wonder what keeps me from becoming the person I am, I just started to realize my dreams aren’t mine but of those who are around me, I am living their imagination, their idea, their struggle, their moment! If that is what is keeping me away from reaching my inner self and help it to see the light of the world I am in, I dare myself to a challenge I have never taken, starting this moment, a walk to find the person within me, a walk to find the meaning of life, a walk to understand the confusion, a walk to discover self. A walk to find me! I am no philosopher, I am not an avid reader, I am not good at words, I am just a soul wandering in some planet named Earth, I don’t know how I reached here, nor do I know why I am here, who sent me, from where and where am I to go? I have been thinking. I shall be thinking more..and this is just the start!

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