Moments of bliss

some thoughts I saved from Facebook.

I've been a bit busy with things like always. I missed blogging.

February arrived within a sec. One month of this amazing year went by. 

Life is going to be better I feel.

Did an amazing nail art last week and it's still rocking my nails, I got to be more creative this month, yes!

I want to buy a nice curtain for my room, hang few posters here and there, organize my room, arrange, decorate and add loads of cuteness everywhere. 

Excuse the messy stuff, Just finished applying the last coat.

That evening the sunset left a beautiful message, it is the darkness that makes light look amazing!

Me with a friend. I love capturing shadow on the camera. Bless my phone.

When hungry one wants to eat anything they find near them. Raj kachori chat at a road side eatery.

Had an amazing January, I don't know how to complain about things because in everything I find a reason to smile n be happy instead, you can call me crazy, but that's me. Life is surprising me all the time and am ready for everything. Growing up is getting interesting day by day!

Will be writing soon. 

Till then,


Dark Angel

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