Ah March!

It was march I fell in love
It was march that tore me apart
It was march that taught me to dream
It was march that took away what belonged to me.

It was march I learnt to talk
It was march that taught me to walk
It was March that kept me alive
So that I can see, feel, dream
And chase my past once in a while!

Just a late night overflow of emotions, I'm happy cos I'm writing after a long time. Couldn't manage to think. Was out of words for a long time. Finally I found my words, lol. Had an awesome start to weekend. But I am not in favor of summer heat :(

I might go out to click something tomorrow.I'm just too much in love with life.
I should be sleeping now, it's 2am.

Good night sweet people :-) 


  1. Haha. I was awake till 2 am myself...finishing a post like you :p

    Nice way to bring the month to a close.


    Do drop by mine.

    1. I have a thing about March! I'm glad to find another owl here, haha. Sure will visit yours. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. It's 2 AM Monday now-- just another "owl" checking in...A day late? My fav month May.
    Glad you back...I just starting back also. Gonna take it slow...too old for the stress I make for myself in trying to write every day and answer, etc.
    Bye! ZzzzzzzzzzzzzSNORTCHTPH.. zzzzzzzxx

    1. I went away from blog but I couldn't stay away for long.

      Yes, am glad to find you writing as well and I found that post great!

      Good night :)


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