I'm an unsolved puzzle

What is it that I love? I'm a blessed confused soul. I know what is love, but I'm not sure what is it that I love? Thoughts whisper in my ear, names, unknown names perhaps, or maybe I know them. My eyes show me faces of people I know, or maybe strangers! I search for the face in a crowd of masked souls, for that face that is as raw as dew drops on a green stem, delicate and beautiful, gleam and pure one. For that soul I belong here, a puzzle, I'm more than just a number, I'm not just a decision of God, I'm more than that I know. I need not just any soul to carry the burden of my love with them, I am a horse, I can't be tamed, I can't be kept forever in a place to love, to give. I'm a dreamer, the less I'm loved by the weak the more I feel free. I'm me. And that's a destiny.



  1. Well, I solved MY puzzle which was--how to post a comment on your photo blog. So here WAS/IS my comment (copied):
    That photo of telephone wires...OK, is that REALLY a 30-string-guitar? I LOVE pictures from our geometric world. You inspire me to be more discerning when I shoot...like yesterday was an alligator, and EVERYONE has pictures of gators (sigh)...Could not find a place to comment on the blog, though?
    Thanks for visiting fourth dimension...appreciate visits--grin!

    NOW I comment on "Unsolved Puzzle: Don't you believe that maybe we are "tools" of God, to be used by God to bring more people to KNOW God (the Author of LOVE!). God does not make "decisions" God IS the decision?

    It is refreshing to read from one (you!) who is NOT wallowing in self-pity, learning how to more hate the world.. SO many need to hear words like yours, words of hope, of promise of WHAT love is, rather than "who is it"? (although THAT is most-asked question of Guru and God, I suspect....

    Dark Angel,
    your ultra love may come from a strange place
    might NOT be clothed in a crowd, a strange face.

  2. First of all, the photograph is beautiful ! it took my breath away.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings on love and I want to share with you that the more I search for love, the more I discover many facets of it...love never cease to amaze me !


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