TRESemmé a review!

TRESemmé. The one shampoo that took quite a long time to be reviewed here, reason? simple, I had to be sure enough about it's promise of hair fall control for breakage prone hair. Last year I had applied for a sample from Indiblogger and after receiving this I wasted no time but went on to experiment it every alternate day, having a short hair is actually a plus point because I am yet to finish the conditioner.

Things that happened after I started using this shampoo:

My hair started to look better, the volume increased and I noticed my hair grow quite fast unlike earlier. I have dry hair which is unmanageable at times, but after shampooing, my hair was a lot manageable and infact my hairfall reduced drastically. I thought maybe it's because I had another haircut, but no, my hairfall did reduce on the very first month after I started using this shampoo. In between I tried to change my shampoo to see whether TRESemmé is actually doing anything, and voila, my hair had a pretty rough time with the other shampoo that I used for a week. I had to religiously oil my hair and started to shampoo again the next day with TRESemmé, and after that till now I am using this shampoo, and I don't have a single thing to complain against it, except about the conditioner, only a little works wonder, else one has to face bad hair day, haha!

PS: This is the 5th refill that I am using.

Price, quantity and quality wise I would rate TRESemmé 9 out of 10.

This is my experience with one of the best shampoo in town. TRESemmé is here to stay!

I had received a free sample from Indiblogger, but it doesn't in anyway influence my opinion, because I bought the next 4. I have found a shampoo after a long time that I can trust. So here is my real experience.


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