Amar Unishey April

Unishey April,
Mone rakhena keu e.
Tobu mone koriye daye
Oi pakhider kolahol.
Ora aj o bholeni,
Ora toh bhulte janena, 
Ora toh porashona koreni.
Phire ashe shei ek surjo purono ei akash e,
Arekta bhuler suchona,
Othoba aro ekta sujog.
Arekta notun karon beche thakar,
Aro ekta din.
Aro kichukkhon ekhane 
Kintu thakte chaini kokhonoi,
Theke gechi ek obbhesher dashi hoye,
Abar shei din elo firey jowar bhatar motey,
Amar unishey April.

I had to write something, that too in my language Bengali. I wait for this day whole year. And it came today and I realized so late. 

Unishey April. Rituporno Ghosh's movie. And my weird fascination with the date. Not a coincidence.


  1. It's very refreshing to read Bengali in your blog after a long time. Thanks for sharing your heart...I can hear it when it cries...
    "Ora toh bhulte janena, ora toh porashona koreni" - how true, modernisation and sophistication has robbed off our innate/ true feelings and turned us into emotionless clones !
    I love Rituporno so much, I cried the day he died and was depressed for a long time after that...I watched almost all his films except Unishe April and Dosar....
    Do write in Bengali again.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you so much for reading. I was just thinking about 19th April for a long time some kind of fascination perhaps. I watched almost all his movies. Doshar the story was great. He was so unique that none can ever match him ever. Will write in Bengali sometimes from now on.


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