Hello April!

Hello April, I am in love. I am loving everything about this planet I am in. I am loving every moment, I am loving the people, for they are so beautiful inside but their outside is so rough and tough and hidden inside a bad mask that very few understands them in real. I am not a philosopher, I am just a lover! Is that enough to be human? I guess not! But what to do, I am just me and I am so much in love with anything and everything, call me weird, but I am not gonna change! haha ;)

Just one complain I have, I want my exams to finish offf fasstt! :'(

I didn't click for more than 3 weeks and I am starving! April please be lovely to me and please let me click some amazing photos ^_^

I am busy doing minion nail art, and I am going to update soon, only if everything goes right :D

“The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.”

― Amber Senti



  1. ABSOUTELY LOVE that shot of horse...would like to use it on a future blog post. Did YOU dhoot it, or who. Permission is what I'm asking--grin!

    About not being a philosopher, yet LOVING all and every (which is WONDERFUL, in my opinion!!!), I wish to remind myself that the author of every and all (even philosophy!)
    IS love. God IS love...and so even if you or I do not feel, experience this perpetually...God DOES!!
    (thank god!--grin!)

  2. I agree with you -being a lover has more beauty and significance than being a philosopher, perhaps ( although I am both :- )...as mother Teressa said " If you judge (or analyze ) people, you have no time to love them ! "
    The horse photo is absolutely gorgeous, he/she looks so humble. I came here after a long time and I am liking your new header ( with your new compositions) and the white layout !
    keep blogging and keep loving,
    take care ,


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