My Sad Cinderella Story

The photo of the guy is downloaded from internet. Concept/editing-me.

Last 6th February 2014, I was invited in this party at my high school, the night I would never forget. Everyone from my batch was invited there including my best friend silly Akriti who stays with her parents in Bangalore now - we are best friends since nursery, yet this girl never really grew wise! I being the most talkative girl got a chance to host the party for the new batch of class 12. The party was from 8 till midnight. It was 6 pm, and in this chilly weather I wore my lucky black jacket, a low black dress and stilettos. I was in a hurry for sure, after all my only reason was just to meet my teenage crush Santosh, I heard he has joined some acting school and is doing a movie - I was elated like a kitty. I still remember his puppy eyes and how they demanded my Maths copy during class. His puppy eyes took my breath away every time and he always used to smell of lavender - God only knew how I couldn’t stand a bad smell! I liked to help him with his homework and did his projects religiously whenever he asked. But he never took me as someone special and I was never invited to his birthdays - thanks to his family friend cum our class mate Sakshi - I used to hate that girl; she always tried to step in between us and she won anyway. But there was this rumor that they broke up a few months back which was like the most happy news ever for me, and since then I was waiting for a reunion like this and God from above listened to my silent prayer, and for that reason I was going to meet him that night! Though Santosh never knew of my secret until the day before the party when I made the blunder of asking him to join me there and I also added this delicate line “I won’t feel at my best if you don’t come,” this was enough for him to know about my secret crush on him, oh! whatever. After all, he was the only guy I ever dreamt about!

It was 7:30 pm when I reached my school premises. The school was decorated with the most amazing lights of Kolkata and the whole thing looked just like fairytale - only this was real. “Oh! I am going to meet my Prince Charming tonight” my mind whispered. I went inside only to find Santosh standing like he always did - a boy with a manly attitude, 3 years went by but he still didn't change a bit, the same lady killer. Charming and handsome, yes, he took my breath away once again! I didn’t waste any time and walked towards him only to stop at a bad smell, “eewww, who didn’t have a bath today?” I shouted! Few girls standing near him pointed at Santosh and laughed and to my horror I realized what I did! I was startled; I couldn’t speak a word; I was nervous, confused. I saw him slowly walk away into the darkness and it was too late to call him back after this embarrassment in front of everyone. “OMG, it was you!” I murmured, “There goes my heartbeat.” I cried and said “you could have taken a bath in hot water at least” I tried to reason but who will listen? Not even God will help me tonight after all this. I lost him forever for that ugly smell and my innocent nose who loved a hint of lavender! A bath could have been the reason of a new relationship! Alas!

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  1. Nice caption ! made me laugh:-)

  2. Well, did you heartbeat missed due to stench or lack of lavender? :P Best of luck :)

  3. So cute! Tann ki smell ki wajah se mann ko koi santosh nahi mila!


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