ʻʻHow Mobikwik makes my life easier...ʼʼ A story.

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I would never forget how internet saved someone last time for a recharge that literally saved someone else’s life.

I would tell the story of that someone today - it would have been better if it was fictional and not real.

It was a Saturday as far as I can remember - I don’t remember the date; it was last December. Riya called Sourish to inform the class will start within five minutes and to which he replied that  he will be late to reach tuition, Riya was Sourish’s classmate and a good friend, nothing more than that. Riya and Sourish went to the same tuition to D.M. sir who taught History at his Golpark residence. It was around 6:30 evening and the tuition had already started. Riya was concentrating on her lesson rather than the absence of Sourish. Everything seemed normal in the class and the absence of a student didn’t mean anything at all. The clock was doing its work as usual and it was 7:30 when Riya started to wonder what was taking him so long. Riya being a kind of over-protective and responsible type of a girl tried to call him, but to her surprise, Sourish didn’t pick up her call, yes, for the first time he missed her call in these 2 years of their friendship, and Riya had a queer feeling that something was not right. Riya called up again after few minutes and to her surprise the number was unreachable, and this continued for the next five times, and this was enough to make her crazy.

D.M. sir saw Riya, and asked what’s wrong with Sourish.  Riya felt embarrassed in front of the whole class because they would take this thing in a wrong way and tease her about him later.
But Riya wasn’t concerned about this anymore, all she was wondering is why Sourish is taking so much time! They met in the morning and everything seemed perfectly fine. Sourish said he had to meet some people at Salt Lake around 4 p.m. and after that he would come to tuition, so there wasn’t anything to suspect. It was D.M. sir who took the matter quite seriously as Sourish, being the topper in the class, never missed a single tuition class. Suddenly something struck Riya’s mind - Sourish had been saying something since last week regarding his father’s monumental failure in a business venture and that his father had made a few enemies who were threatening them. Did he get kidnapped? Is his mobile not with him? “oh! no, he has minus 10 balance and had asked me to do a favor and recharge it in the way to the tuition class as it was pretty tough to find a recharge shop in Salt Lake area - gosh I forgot - Jesus Christ what have I done?” Riya started to weep in front of her friends. D.M. sir became confused and thought only his wife could help in this moment of crisis, so he took her to the next room to his wife. With teary eyes, Riya started to narrate what has happened and that she firmly believed that Sourish has met with some horrible fate. Mrs. Mitra was a kind-hearted lady and unlike D.M. sir, she had a friendly attitude and a sweet smile. Riya was shaking and was scared because it was her fault and she was responsible for what has happened with Sourish. Mrs. Mitra gave a pat on her back and said, “you know what makes my life easier?” Riya asked “What?” Mrs. Mitra said, internet and Mobikwik. Riya said, “Ma’am, I am really out of my mind, I don’t know what to think, what if he is kidnapped by that rival of his father? - he was supposed to meet them today to settle some debt.” Riya started to cry. “What if he is trying to call me ? - only if I took his words a bit more seriously ! What will he do in such situation? Oh God!” Mrs. Mitra got busy with her laptop and Riya sat there with a blank and hopeless face. Just when Mrs. Mitra turned back and asked for Sourish’s number. Riya asked “why?” Mrs. Mitra said, “Don’t worry sweety, I am here to help you, tell me his number.” Riya started to complain that there was no use calling Sourish as his number was out of reach, still at Mrs. Mitra’s persistence, Riya reluctantly gave Sourish’s number. After a few clicks here and there, Mrs. Mitra said, “now just wait and see what happens, bring a watch and wait for 10 minutes, and if you don’t get a call then we have to call the police.” Riya was confused at that moment - it was already 8:15 p.m., and Sourish didn’t turn up yet, all the students left, and D.M. sir also seemed very worried. Just when the clock turned to 8:16, Riya’s phone rang up, and it was none other than Sourish - Riya didn’t give a second to let the phone complete a ring and received Sourish’s call, and cried like a baby. Sourish on the other hand thanked her a million number of times for what she had done. Riya was full of questions, and Sourish was full of answers - he started to say. His car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and there was not a single life in that place. The meeting took a long time and finally got over at 7:30 and that was when he missed the call, as he just started to drive. The reception of his connection wasn’t great either so he was not getting any calls from Riya for that. Only when he was calling that the reception got a bit better, call it bad luck or something else, but having a minus credit balance and a poor reception was surely something he wasn’t prepared of. There was a momentary pause and Sourish took a breath. Riya was overwhelmingly happy and didn’t waste a second to thank Mrs. Mitra, whose tagline “Mobikwik makes my life easier” came true for not only Sourish but also Riya. Riya hurriedly asked what she could do to help him, but Sourish asked her to relax and not to panic, as now there was ample balance to his credit, he would be calling the breakdown service and would be taking a cab home.  Riya wasn’t convinced though and said, “let me know within 15 minutes where you are and I will come to pick you up.” There was a feeling of love brewing between them - Mrs. Mitra couldn’t help but interfere, “girl you are in love.” Overhearing Mrs. Mitra, at the other end Sourish too exclaimed “Mobikwik made me realise we are truly in love.” Riya smiled and with a tear of happiness in her eyes said “I was scared, thought I lost you today, don’t do this again.”

All went well after that - Sourish called the breakdown service and took a cab and went over to Barista at Gariahat, their usual place to hangout. Over a refreshingly hot cup of coffee, Riya and Sourish promised to always be with Mobikwik without which the day wouldn’t have been saved.  So, yes, go online, recharge and stay updated, and thanks to people like Mrs. Mitra who are always there to help without any expectation or reward just like Mobikwik.

  Post written for Mobikwik for their latest contest titled ʻʻHow Mobikwik makes my life easier...ʼʼ


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