I feel guilty

Just had a terrible evening, found out that I crushed a house lizard to death unknowingly and I cried like crazy after I found it. I can't stand death, and yes I cried for the lizard. I am feeling sick not sure why, I never knew I am so much emotional. I need to relax I know, my ma, brother, everyone is trying to make me feel good but I am just feeling terrible about it.

RIP buddy, you were loved you should know, and yes I do not like lizards, I have this scary feelings about them but I am missing you now, and I don't know how the feelings changed from being scared to loving your species. 

I feel bad way too much, please go to heaven and ask God to gift you a great life!

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  1. All living beings are creations of God. We do feel for them. I can relate to your thoughts, as I too feel sad when we kill cockroaches, flies and rats.

    1. Yes, killing is really a sad thing. And human beings don't have any right to kill the creations of God. I am glad you could relate to my feelings, thanks.

  2. See looking beyond all that ..Everything happens with God's permission..It was the right time..stop feeling guilty..


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