Let it be

Multiple exposure photograph. 

“Let it be,”
How sweet that is,
When life knocks me down,
I paint a smile on me.

And I try to dream,
How the world seems
Through my colored glass
That I wear fashionably!

Walking like none’s watching,
Leaping like clouds burning,
On a red sky this morning.

“let it be”
That’s how time whispers to me!
Just a little crayon is all that I need,

To paint this colorless world a smile that never ceases to exist!


Just when I decide to write, a lot of things pile up and the result? I write nothing. That's how life is going on right now apart from learning a new job that I recently got, Oh well, life is beautiful and I have nothing to complain.
CCD is one of my favorite place to cut down my excessive boredom and click while chitchatting. 

"let it be" how strong, amazing, beautiful and powerful the line is. Thinking of getting a cute tattoo somewhere in the ankle, just some wannabe desire that I am having these days, hahaa! Beatles, Gary Jules and the Monk who sold his ferrari, that's how my weekend will be.

Signing off my beautiful blog and goodbye lovely people, have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead! 



  1. That picture is stunning! :) and how I love those words...glad to hear about your new job.

    1. thank you so much Delvalina, have a great week ahead :)

  2. You got a flair of words girl !!! incredible words with deeper meaning...wowwwww

    1. thanks for stopping by, and thank you so much for reading and appreciating at the same time, have a great week. :)

  3. Stunning picture ! Thanks for sharing, I really love it ...
    Let it be -the Beatles song...one of my favourite and it gives me hope...but your poem is also very beautiful in its own way...the words have a musical tune to it...it could have been a beautiful song ...there is a songwriter in you !


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