Solitary Conclusion

Just having fun under the sun. Oh, that's an old home decor I found and experimented.

This type of things happen when you chat with your best buddy and all you do is talk about how bad some people are. Just an example given below, (No, that's not my chat replies, that's how I felt afterwards about things that are better left unsaid)

Don't ever try to understand me,
I'm nothing but ruins from the past.

Don't ever try to remember me, 
I'm nothing but a girl disguised as love. 
Don't ever try to feel for me,
For I will surely break your heart.

Don't ever think you know me, 
For I'm just a lovely mirage, 
I'm nothing you can ever imagine!

My feelings portray my feelings, emotions, imaginations, anger, love, pain (not cuts and bruises, you know ;)) but that doesn't mean this is what I am all about, many people make mistakes thinking "oh, that girl writes sad poetry, she must be a sad soul," or "oh, that girl writes romantic stuffs a lot, she must be crazily in love" trust me, it's never like that! Life is so easy, stop assuming things and try to enjoy whatever you receive.

And never ever ever complain. 


God is always listening.



  1. I know what you mean. The image of "a sad romantic girl" or the image of a " girl whose head is in the clouds " or whatever ..people try to put such labels on emotional people as if there is only emotions in us and nothing if we cannot be pragmatic and realistic...Maybe that is all that other people can grasp while dealing with emotional people perhaps because emotions are the most "visible " aspect of emotional people...while the other aspects are hidden ( or seem less intense to others ) so they cannot see !! You see, it requires an amazing person/ amazing eye to see amazing things...some people do not have the ability to see what is "hidden" from the eye...
    It is sad that people see just one side of us and overemphasize it while under-emphasizing/ ignoring the other aspects...
    thank you for sharing your thoughts through this post.
    I have received your mail, will write back to you soon,
    take care,

    1. Thank you for reading my blog after a long time, and yes I absolutely agree with what you said, and I think that's how God has created each individual, it's not their fault, they aren't blessed much. Haha. :)

  2. BTW, an Interesting image . What is that decor ? Lady with a baby or a pot ?

    1. Lady with a pot (kolshi) this thing is way older than I am, but it's still so beautiful.

  3. Indeed God is always listening


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