Beyond the visible!

If I am given a choice next time,
I would like to be the Sun and rise,
Or the bird that flies,
But not a mere human,
Who takes birth only to die!
I don’t want this flesh as a burden,
For my soul wanted to escape it time and again,
I would like to have a choice for once,
And I promise not to repeat the same mistakes again!


To those departed souls that I met while walking the road of life,
I dedicate this thought of mine!
Forever in my heart. <3


  1. Wonderful thinking! I would like that too. Sometimes life as human feels so worthless.

  2. What a beautiful poem on life. I am impressed by its depth!

    1. Thank you, I dedicated this poem to a friend, and few blessed souls I could meet in this lifetime. They aren't here anymore, but their memories are here with me. :)

  3. A beautiful tribute .... one of your best poems I have read :-)

    1. Thank you so much, this means a lot to me :)


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