Crazy stupid love

That's how it sounds at first. 
But no, I'm not in love. 
Or maybe I'm. 
But I can't be. 
Because I don't know if it's a mirage or reality! 

Crazy and confused. 
Dazed yet hopeful.
Is it the mind that's playing the chords of romance? 
Or is the heart mocking my lust? 

Distorted pain,
Happiness inside a sad wrapper,
A gift for lifetime perhaps,
Or maybe this shall pass.
Just like the floating clouds up on my sky,
Just like the other day when I thought I was actually alive!

God always plays hide n seek,
Because when I started dreaming, I was born!
And I cried for I knew I was lost!

Caged in a space full of strangers I can't love as my own,
A dying hunger,
And a nameless land,
A love that makes me feel alive is dying in vain.
A treasured secret that I sow within me,
A lot like love,
A love that shall reap!



  1. What you wrote made me feel giddy and sad at the same time. Love is...I don't know exactly but whatever it is, it definitely takes the peace of mind be it love for a person or for food. :P


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