Let’s talk about Blogging and Kolkata Bloggers!

When I started blogging, my ideas were totally random, I used to do beauty stuffs like reviews, makeups, nail art but I lacked innovative ideas. 

But with time my liking changed, I changed, so did my blogging style and content. There was no inspiration behind blogging but blogging itself inspired me and I learnt a lot of things in these past 3 years or so. I never liked to socialize much, I hated crowds. I was an introvert, but blogging changed me, and yes now I can go on talking for an hour and I like it! 

I think everyone should express themselves through writing, clicking or whatever way they can and the best way to do that is to blog, connect, share and improve, that’s how it works!

So here’s something about my latest discovery. Thanks to Facebook.

The awesome people.

Kolkata Bloggers as the name suggests is a page on Facebook consisting more than 1000 plus members, mostly bloggers and blog admirers and the coolest things about them is lots of them are photographers! I liked this page more than one month ago and one fine day I had this curiosity about what it is all about, I was too lazy to read their about me so I messaged them, and they replied which was really sweet because they weren’t rude :P and that is when I came to know what it is really! 

Kolkata Bloggers is a group of young people from Kolkata who are active bloggers and their only initiative is to connect to people and inspire people to start blogging and educate the people of Kolkata about blogging and how to do it wisely and efficiently. I liked their thoughts and ideas, they do have a potential to put their words into action!

In short I can sum up what I felt after attending today’s chit chat, “be a smart blogger and be known for your creativity, and not a hard working blogger who goes on working and gets nothing at the end of the day.” So, best of luck to all the blessed souls out here who aren't into blogging yet, trust me blogging would change your life for better.

I am glad I joined them today, and I hope I can do that in future as well. Thank you for such a nice evening.

Bye :)


  1. Welcome to our Kolkata Bloggers family. I can exactly relate to you, as I was an introvert too. Blogging and Social Media really made a huge difference in my life.

    Let me know if you ever need any help regarding blogging, specially online branding. Though I am no expert, but I'd love to share what I've learned over the years.

    P.S. Got to know about your blog from Anirban.

    1. Thank you so much Sourav, yes blogging itself has taught me a lot of stuff, if I start writing about them it won't end! Kolkata Bloggers is really a good family and I'm already feeling great to be a part of it. :-)

  2. its a nice , short and sweet note of today's meet.Lets grow our network :)


    1. Thank you Sangita Di, will read your blog asap :-)

  3. It is a very good initiative and we are all happy being a part of the family !

    1. Yes and you deserve a big thanks for that. Thank you so much :-)


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