My hair is addicted!

Message inside the bag! ^_^

After using TRESemmé Split Remedy for a week, the ends aren't clear though, tried not to shake the camera much. Selfie with a DSLR is tough! (and I look funny)

I wish I had a macro lens! That was my reaction when I saw my hair after using Split Remedy from TRESemmé. God didn't bless my hair much so it is one of the most dry, rough and unmanageable hair one could ever imagine, and the best part? split ends, none believed me because they think people with short hair doesn't have split ends, so maybe I am the chosen one who has it, haha! When I applied for this sample at Indiblogger, I was in the verge of getting a haircut because my hair was falling like rain (okay that's an exaggeration) and I had to oil religiously and shampoo very little (because someone said too much shampooing ruins hair). But after I received this product, I started using it within 3 days. And I noticed my hair started to grow and hair fall did reduce though it didn't go away, around 20 strands fell each day earlier it was more, but after using this my hair became soft and I started to adore it. I used it 3 times a week and my hair swears by it now. I had to get a haircut due to extreme heat this week, I couldn't manage my shoulder length hair but TRESemmé has helped me over the past one month to regain my love for my hair, I am an official TRESemmé Addict now! I have to buy a refill tomorrow.

 Don't trust me? I didn't trust either, but now I recommend this to my friends as well. Use it once and see the difference for yourself. (Oh yes, I did ask my mother to use this, and guess what, she loves it as well.)

I received this product from Indiblogger, and I am glad I did. This is my honest opinion about the product, and I used it for over a month now and there isn't anything I have to say against it (I am not paid to write good about them if that's a question), I am a happy girl!

bye :)


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