Secret wishes of the stars above!

Words aren't enough when I talk to you
I wander off to a secret land and try to confess to you
All my imaginations and dreams are about you!

Yet the reality is never meant to be mine
For I belong to a secret land of imagination
Where there is no clock, and there’s no time!

I am an eternal soul stuck as a mortal being
I wander off to great heights of imaginations and dreams.

I wake up at night and feel alive
A cold breeze just like death
Knocks my soul out of this vessel
Yet in the morning
I return here again
Alive and a heart beating, which never rests!

Being human is such a selfish thing
Shackled in lies and cheating
Breathing love in a poisoned air
I am a soul from a land so far
I belong to a place where love is shared
I belong to a place where time stands still
where humanity ceases to exist
I belong to a land of thousand stars
that shines bright like diamond rings
on her finger of deceit!

A girl that you love
a girl covered with a veil of lies
a paramour of malevolence
but her you trust.

And you, my love
A glimpse of life and death in one
I can’t afford to lose you
In this crowd of masked lies and empty promises
That says “I love you”

Listen to the silence of the night
For you will find a cold breeze just like the moist sunshine
If you can feel the essence of it
You will find the potion of life
And the mortal you will finally live a life.

A life you dream night and day
A life that was a dream to thousands before
Listen to your heart
To the silent heartbeat that whispers to your ears
Secret wishes of the stars above!



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