Warmth and bliss ❤

“Away from sunshine”
Calls the darkness from behind,
Into the cave I walk,
Even though I know I shouldn’t,

A covetous smile on my lips,
A racing heart that skips few beats,
Sunshine and the last ray touch my feet,
A longing, a desire, a passion, suspicious!

What if I forget the words I kept murmuring all day?
What if I sound insane and he runs away?
A lie or a truth,
A friend or a lover, 
I ask myself over and over again!

Life’s been watching me for long I suppose,
It’s time I throw away the hourglass and run,
To a distant land away from the sensation,
The one I fail to reason.
I am one of the many kinds of God’s creation,
I am nothing but sadness, happiness and destruction!

I shall bury my sadness in a longing desire of love,
I shall feel the warmth of sunshine from the darkness behind,
like a shadow I shall live,
For I am tired, I need to retire,
Life has given too much to live!

A dream, 
A life that began once,
A journey towards dream,
I begin!



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