Social Media in Photography

Hello everyone, firstly happy August, I hope everyone’s doing great, and there’s something exciting I have to share today.

Social Media in Photography is the latest buzz in town by and Meetup group this is their first event and one of the biggest one in the city so far as far as I know, unique and one of a kind. And guess what? It will be a Photo exhibition cum discussion about Social Media as well as Photography and there will be mentors who will guide the talented bunch of youngsters in town who are busy changing the idea of blogging from just writing your daily gossips to sharing serious issues in and around the city and the country. Many well known photographers will be a part of this event. So if you are from Kolkata, have interest in Photography and or blogging and want to know how the experts manage to do both so well, don’t wait up, come be a part of it.

And here goes the guest list...


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