The one I love ♥

Missing is just a way of life but missing someone who left Earth even before I was born is just too much I think.
On this day August 16th in the year 1977 the whole world lost one of the most precious gem that none would find ever again. He was God's favorite child, and maybe that's the reason why he left so soon!
On this day I miss him more and wish he was here! 

 A thought of mine I penned down!

You were like sunshine
on a morning of sadness
You were like a smile
in moments of distress
I wish you were here
to witness how sad I were
and how badly you were missed!

For you a thousand life
will I live and re-live
for death won't be much of a surprise
I stopped thinking about it!

Forever and more
will you live in my heart
loved and missed
Elvis, you shall forever be on my lips
when I laugh and when I cry
Too much loved
and a lot you are missed!


Some photos I would like to share 

All the pictures are downloaded from Internet and I don't own any of them!
Wish I could click his photographs for real 

To the one who defines love like no one.

Here's to your memory.

A song I love.



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