Growing up and some food love!

Of sadness, happiness, laughter and cries, I am still alive and not just living, I am loving life.
Another year passes by, and am growing wise, learning life, adjusting a lot and nevertheless enjoying the ride!

Life is a strawberry ice cream! and I have started my Puja shopping! 

Been away from blog for a long time, too much caught up with reality, assignments,classes, job, photography. And I am not complaining. :D

In-between all the chaos I am in, I am experimenting with foods as well. Oh yes, I am a foodie too.

The yummy schezwan noodles and schezwan chicken.

The horrible pan fried chicken momo from a bad restaurant that I will never visit again, it's near Rabindra sadan. 

The schezwan noodles. mmm.

Everyone who's from Kolkata should try Bay leaf at Esplanade and Red bamboo shoot restaurant at Kasba at least once.

You will love it :)

In a happy happy mood,
I will come back soon I promise.



  1. To paraphrase you, DA...I too, am growing (in awareness), learning, adjusting, and enjoying the ride of life.
    So, you see, it never ends, well, that might just be true--who knows?--grin!

    I'm not into food preparation--eating it is my forte. The pictures ARE pretty, OK?
    See you here again soon maybe...

  2. It's good to see you bustling with activities and happy in general. I've been to Red Bamboo Shoot and quite liked it even though we didn't have a meal there. Just one or two appetizers as far as I remember. And the momo is from Momo Plaza or Orchid? :-P DO tell.


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