Just a thought

Running away yet standing still
Trying to get up but falling at will
A moment of sadness 
And happiness in between
And an unexpressed feeling of being!

I am loosing it
I try hard to fake it
In the midst of a mighty crowd
I see a face smiling at me
I try to wipe the memory out 
Yet crowds never forget to remind me!

Silence screams at night when I sleep
The darkness lures me to dream
A dream I long to forget
night and day, yet I am falling
The more I hear the silent noises
Inside my head
Speaking to me, speaking for me
As I lost words, and keep to just breathing nowadays!

Running away yet standing still
Trying to get up, but I know, I never will!



  1. very nice poem. I liked style.

  2. This is more than just a thought ... this is brilliant ... loved the last two lines :-)

  3. Poignant poem! I hope you are doing well.
    There are people with whom we share so much attachment that when they are gone, a part of us is left devoid. Nothing but time mends wounds but an aching feeling remains. We can only learn to live with it when ridding them fails.
    Take care!

    P.S. I just love the header. The sea has been stunningly captured.


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