A silent wish

If wishes came true
I wish for you
Just like the sun
That rises
And sets every time
I wish a thousand wishes
To see you once in this life!

If wishes were real
I wish you a life
A life of laughter
And happiness
All around!

If wishes were gold
I wish for you a garden
A garden of flower
All sparkling golden!

If wishes were love
I wish you spend the life
Loving the one you love
That loves you even more than her life.

If wishes came true
I wish for you
A day where I would see you
Smiling with all glory
Leaving the past behind
The silly mistakes of life!

If wishes were true
Let me remind you
The world would conspire
And let you know tonight
How much you are loved
Every moment
And yet that's unknown to you!

I know wishes are true
Because if it wasn't
I wouldn't write this for you.



  1. Oh wow - this is incredibly beautiful and deep!! Great job!

  2. Wow, this is really so very beautiful..
    Loved each & every word of it..♥


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