Painting by me. Texture added in Pixlr. 

Life is all about learning and understanding and in the process people around us teach us without even knowing it. Learning a lot these days. Learning about love, about life about sacrifice and about dealing with things I don't like. And when am busy learning in reality,  I fail to write them up here because a lot of things go on in my mind and I find no words to express my feelings, emotions, because I tend to speak to myself about everything and I don't feel comfortable sharing it with anyone else at times.

Growing up physically and emotionally was not easy and now growing up mentally is even harder I suppose. Sometimes it seems fun but at times it feels hard and it is in these times I feel I am following the right track for if the road I am travelling seems easy it must be a wrong road.

Life is all about understanding the sadness and learning from the mistakes. But it's not always good to stay silent and be a victim rather it is best to open up and be awesome even after a torrential rain of sadness and tears.

Letting go off the bitterness around me, trying to breathe in the fresh air of December, not much has changed about me, I am just growing up and 2014 is bidding it's adieu.


  1. I love reading posts like these where people find their answers :)

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