Once again we meet

In a milieu of strangers
This window seemed known
Of many a history that had been written
It's story had been retold.
Of thoughts and wisdoms
Love and compassion
Lies and distrust
I have been here
I was always here
Waiting for my time to return.
I was never a stranger
In my land
I was not simply known.

Together we meet again
In between the maddening crowd.
I knew I would return
For I left without an answer.
As open as the sky
The window reminded me of an undying love
Of moments I wanted to cherish again.

Alive and breathing
Death was a momentary pause
Like the sunset
In the west skyline.
Tonight thoughts of you
Remind me of lullabies
That were never sung.

Life is just a window
Decays with time
Yet so beautiful! 


First writeup for 2015. Been a busy start and already in love with it. I hope the coming months will be great for all.

:) Happy to write after a long time.


  1. The reaction to this one has to be in bengali because I don't know how to translate it.
    mon bhaalo kawra mon kharaap...

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts once again! The photograph really sets the mood for the poem,
    take care,

  3. The photograph with these words brought me to such a peaceful state :) Beautiful write up!


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