Raining thoughts

For all the words
I left unsaid
I was unsure
If you are the one
Or it's just me
And my silly dreams
Waiting for rain
In a desert
My imagination
Makes me wonder

If I try
For once
To speak my mind
And not be scared
But then
Life is just a series
of mistakes
But all these sum up
For great memories
Love, live and leave a smile.
For today will never come again
And tomorrow is not guaranteed! 

Been away from Blogging for more than a month, yet I did write in my notepad.
A write up from March, which was an overflow of the then recent happenings. My emotions run deep as tears, words, and sometimes as silence, and I try to keep them as writing or maybe as a photograph. A painting I did along with a quote my brother shared with me. 

April is bidding adieu as well!

Welcoming May with lots of hope and love!



  1. missing you and your thoughts,
    but wishing you all the best... do keep writing and keep in touch,
    take care,

  2. I have sent you a mail at your existing email i.d. If there are some issues with your mail id then please send me an alternative mail id and I will forward the mail there.
    take care,


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