Going down the line
On a rainy evening
Moist breeze, suffocating
Thoughts once were real
Through a glass door
A void feeling
In a nameless land
With strangers around
Breathless words
And you!

Thoughts once were real
Feelings once were true
Names once were spoken
Faded in the twilight zone!

Going down the line
On a rainy evening
I put down my pen
The surge of writing left my soul
The red diary once loved
Now befriended dust 
As lonely isn’t the word she knows!

The breeze isn’t as moist as it was
Words aren’t as breathless as it used to be
Yellow is the color now
And greys and whites too
Black left a long time ago
So did everything in between.

Going down the line
Rain never seemed so alone while falling
As it does now!

Blogging after a long time, it feels good to write again. Sharing some Sunday thoughts. September is on it's way.

Happy September!



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